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Th​orpe Arb & Forestry are able to provide you with a complete, professional tree care service, whether you are a homeowner, landowner, business or public organisation.

Our Tree Care Services

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Tree Felling

Safe felling of trees where access or proximity to buildings and other features allow.

Crown Reduction/Lifting/Thinning

Reshaping your tree to ensure the best balance of canopy growth, promote light penetration and reduce stresses.

Tree Dismantling

Our qualified climbers will safely dismantle your tree in sections, when space is at a premium.

Stump Grinding

Removal of the stumps of felled trees to below ground level.

Planting & Habitat Management

From individual tree planting, to larger scale projects.

Initial Bat Scoping Surveys

We are trained to carry out non-specialist surveying of trees and woodlands for potential bat roost.

For all your tree care requirements

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